Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy new year dance... ^^

Well it is now 6:52 in the morning on the 6th of January 2010 - you may ask 'Why are you out of bed so early?' without going into detail too much the answer is...Work!
But also because there is about 3 inches of snow here, and I'm just a big child when it comes to snow. It has been falling at a consistent pace last night and although there is a fair amount of it, I think it is still too little. David might disagree since he cannot drive anywhere at this point - but I'm loving it.

However since here in the UK they have yet to grasp the concept of proper gritting - I cannot cycle or be driven to work. Which gives me two options:
1. Work from home.
2. Walk to work, which takes about a good 1.5 hours in snow.
'Reluctantly' I'm going to choose the latter, I love a good snow walk - however after slipping on ice yesterday and nearly breaking something I need to change my footwear. *Ponders if she could borrow David skies :)*

Anyway I got sidetracked with ramblings - Happy new year to all! I hope 2010 may be a year where we say goodbye to the recession and all the fighting in the world, and that one dreams may come true!

My mandatory new year resolutions are a combination of more holidays, going out to the cinema and dinner more, have a lot more fun and seriously curb my kimono spending :)
In March this year Alice in wonderland will be released and I simply cannot wait!

So without further ado: Robo Geisha - with her Happy New Year dance! Enjoy ^^

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