Sunday, 13 June 2010


Yes I had another kimono outing with my friends to the London Expo - Believe it or not, I felt rediciously old when I got there. A lot of teens dressed up as Navi, Pokemon trainers and a whole load as unknown anime figures to me.
Yes my days running around in latex, wielding two guns and doing my Lara Croft 'thing' are long gone....

So I was dressed in a mature kimono with Asanoha pattern and a Kaioke paterned obi. At the Expo there was a tiny corner reserved for Japanese related activities, like origami, calligraphy and kimono dressing. One of the ladies there stopped us and gave me the full 'inspection'.
The final verdict was 'very good dressed kimono, very tidy..good..good'. And of course the ever present question: 'Who dressed you?'.
The look on her face was priceless when we told he we dressed ourselves. It is a shame that the art of kimono wearing (kitsuke) is fading even in Japan. After some wandering we decided to head to Picadilly Circus for some nice Japanese food.

While eating our desert in the local Häagen-Dazs restaurant David rang me if I could make it to the Apple store to grab him some new toys for his iPad!

Speaking about iPads - David had a wonderful surprise for me and got me an iPad. Already it is fully abused as a sketching tool and a wonderful webbrowsing tool...and much much more.
I simply love it! I got a bright purple case for it, instead of the Apple one, since I want some more color. Also it has a holder for my new iPad sketch pen :P

Today I got busy and decided to bake some more cupcakes, a colleague of mine Jess makes the most wonderful cupcakes. We both have the Hummingbird Bakery book and pretty much every Monday morning at work we bring in our handy work - my weeks handy work are Lemon Cupcakes! Great for this humid weather and very jummy. I go some American muffin paper cases instead of the smaller uk muffin cases and the sponge is sooooo much better! David managed to grab one of the plate, only 11 more left :P
I'm looking forward in baking some more from this book in August when my Dad is coming over for his birthday - I better start practising ^^

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tuut Tuut Driving...

Lock your doors, close the windows and stay you might have guessed I got a car.
And I am loving it! However I hate car shopping, the amount of time and pitfalls you have to watch out for is insane.

Fortunately I had a 'car buff' with me when looking at them, so I could just stand there and debate with myself if I liked the colour. In the end I got very lucky, the first real car viewing ended up in purchasing it. So I'm not the proud owner of a blue Peugot 306 - named Blue Bertha :)

Onlything that needs addressing is that horrible Eau de Dog inside the care, previous owner had a dog and I still find loads of dog hairs. Also I am going to attempt to clean my seats again for the 3rd time this weekend and hopefully get a little bit more rid of the dirt and smell.

David has been awesome in acompanying me on some of my journeys, it feels nice and reassuring to have him sitting next to me. So I think it is time to start tuning my car and learn how to drift around corners....Newbury watch out ^^