Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tuut Tuut Driving...

Lock your doors, close the windows and stay you might have guessed I got a car.
And I am loving it! However I hate car shopping, the amount of time and pitfalls you have to watch out for is insane.

Fortunately I had a 'car buff' with me when looking at them, so I could just stand there and debate with myself if I liked the colour. In the end I got very lucky, the first real car viewing ended up in purchasing it. So I'm not the proud owner of a blue Peugot 306 - named Blue Bertha :)

Onlything that needs addressing is that horrible Eau de Dog inside the care, previous owner had a dog and I still find loads of dog hairs. Also I am going to attempt to clean my seats again for the 3rd time this weekend and hopefully get a little bit more rid of the dirt and smell.

David has been awesome in acompanying me on some of my journeys, it feels nice and reassuring to have him sitting next to me. So I think it is time to start tuning my car and learn how to drift around corners....Newbury watch out ^^

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