Thursday, 20 May 2010

One Day,One Week,One Story

So this is where bunnies come from ... :P
Found this picture on Flickr and it is lovely to see those little fuzzballs grow! Makes me want to get one again...I'm sure it would have a party running around the garden and lounge!

So if everything went according to plan I was supposed to be in Gibraltar right now. Unfortunately BA announced a strike and our flight got canceled, so mildly annoyed we re booked for a later date - but guess what the strike in canceled at the last moment.
Checked BA's website and the flight to Gibraltar left this morning on time and landed safely 2.5 hrs later.

On another completely random note - I passed my driving test! Yes I am finally the proud owner of a full UK driving license, so where I failed horribly in NL I managed to get right (in one go) in the UK now I don't know if this comes down to sheer dumb luck or actual skill. I'm hoping for the latter that way my driving instructor Richard has done his job :)
Next challenge is car shopping - which is going to be entertaining at least, since I have zero knowledge of cars. I'm still hoping to find a bright orange one, but I'm sure David won't let me park it anywhere near the house ^^

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