Monday, 31 March 2008

Are we finally getting somewhere?

Besides the fun of seeing The Cure at Wembley, discovering the little unique stores in the streets of Oxford or just crashing on the sofa and watch a very bloody gangster (Eastern Promises) movie with a special Irishman. I actually received word that two companies were interested in meeting me. Actually the third managed to finally get my details to their HR people after 3 months - so who knows maybe another email their way to see how that is coming along?

Anyway turns out that one company had a design team (2 people) and the other nothing that remotely resembles a design team at all - which was where I would get in to sort that bit all out.

So where am I now? Well still doing the waiting game and in the middle of it all still browsing for new jobs. Hmmm - how about a bet? I bet you all that I can be in the UK, working, living, eating curry at the beginning of May. Which should be in 1 months time-ish, now you would ask what is in it for me?I will actually not play World of Warcraft every night and whip up something creative for you - how's that?

Right now it is sort of time for bed, it suck having a cold cause you keep waking up - ugh, nearly 3 am. Weltrusten all!!

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