Sunday, 9 March 2008


Well you know how it goes ... you got a new Blog and you need to test how everything looks.Well this is pretty much some incoherent ramblings from me at about 1am on a monday morning.Where are actually should be in bed with my hot water bottle (since it is bloody freezing here ) but I decided the digital world was a lot more interesting then my dreams.

So Still no word if I ever gonna get a job in the UK and to be honest with you all it is starting to annoy me that no company is willing to hire such a motivated and slightly mad person like myself. But who knows today it is monday and new possibilities might find their way to me. Think I should get to bed now before I get myself into a soapbox mode and nobody would want that, well you might but I'm not up for it now ;) 

Oh and I tried to use Magenta in my blog so I probably get the hell sued out of me by T-mobile ... no offense guys but you cannot claim a color, cause if you can then I think I'm going to copyright black for my own personal pleasure and style. 
Right still need to find a way to pimp this blog up a bit... went for white instead of black for a change, which is  shock cause most people know me as a person who loves black.
What am I trying to do now is come up with something nice that will give me some own feeling to my blog ... or I can just keep it like it is now and not bother with it and wow you in a few weeks with a new layout *if I ever find the time*

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