Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ohhh puhlease....

You think you can pass? Well this the is day to day hassle I get from my local cats. They are all fun and games until you get home and you find all 3 of them on my staircase refusing to let me pass. And when I get lucky I get the 4th one from down the road with it for free.

Spring has arrived in the UK, which is always good when you are cycling to work every day. In the last months I have been battling with snow, rain and wind. Needless to say how much it sucks. But things are looking brighter my sunglasses are permanently in my bag again and during lunch me and the guys from the office head out to our local pub to have a pint and sit in the sun.

The pub is right next to a canal that flows through the city so during the summer and spring you have a lot of boats going by, and a bunch of killer swans (damn those things are big and cheeky)

This is what it looks like from our point of view whilest doing bugger all and enjoying a pint :)

Speaking about pints, yesterday -the 17th - was St. Patricks Day, since my other half is Irish this of course called for a massive celebration. Unfortunately I have been swamped with work again and barely made it home to him before 6. But I found a Guinness waiting for me and a lovely meal with Irish sausages, mash and steak and Guinness pie! Absolutely gorgeous.

Another reason to celebrate was our first kill on Malygos, yes I'm still the World of Warcraft Nerd. But after trying to kill it for the last 3 weeks you can imagine me and my guild was pretty happy with the kill. Anyway here is some belated St. Patricks Day fun :)

Right since I'm blogging during work I better get to it - catch you all later! More will follow soon got a whole post about my Kimono adventures lined up

PS. I decided to try a new font - just for laughs.

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