Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow, kimono and happy new year!

Well first post of 2009 so Ithink a very, very belated 'happy new year' is in order here :)

Without a doubt you all might have heard of the lovely weather conditions in the UK, and here in Newbury it is not any different: SNOW! When I get left to bed it was a mild drizzle of snow and by the time I got up this morning at 3:15am - Ebay auction - it was a white world outside with about 13cm of thick fresh
This morning it was even more and today it will get more, so I think hot chocolate is the way forward here. The picture is taken from my office window, check out the hill everyone is having loads of fun! So we might leave for home early cause the hills here are scary when you are driving a rear weel drive car.

Speaking about cars, I have finally got my provisional driving licence after loads of hassle. Sending in your photocopy of your passport is not enough to the DVLA, no you actually need to send out the original passport. So much for this great EU thing where every country can easily exchange information....FAIL! So when this lovely snow dissapears I will be taking my first lessons on English soil. Currently reading up on the theory and you got to love a place that has Pelican and Tucan crossings :D

Last weekend I went to Tokyo day in London, it was awesome! I don't get too many occasions to dress up in my kimonos and this time I thought it was time to wear my brand new light yellow houmongi. I had some people fromwork joining me that day as well and Christians girlfriend was happy enough to wear one of my kimonos and join the fun. She looked stunning in her ko-furisode. More pictures on my Flickr account (see on your left). At the end of February I have another kimono event, and I have been asked to participate in a kimono fashionshow! Yes it has been a a fun time the last few weeks.

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