Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I'm being shown on webcam...

And I disapprove!!! Well according to Nijn her face ^^ Dad was kind enough to bring her upstairs in front of the webcam and in true bunny style she disapproved massively.
I do miss the little furball, she has been at my old place in Bussum many times and always enjoyed having her over. Well I say that now but at the time I was cursing her for the mess she made! Speaking about little bunnies, my sister finally managed to get her own Bumper. I know...but I wasn't involved in the naming of the little one ^^ 
Apparently Bumper is sporting quite the attitude and that will go well with her owner. You know what they say pets can look a lot like their owners *Only joking Nicole* So here for your viewing pleasure some Bumper pictures because she is cute and fluffy.

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