Sunday, 2 August 2009

Busy, busy, busy - did I mention busy?

I promised to be good and post a little bit more, but who am I kidding :) Anyway a few updates on how life is going on this side of the world. This weekend I went to the Battle Proms at Highclere Castle, although the event is always great fun - this time the weather was just bugger.

It was cold and rainy and it took a good time before it cleared up a bit in the evening.

Due to the weather we did not have a Spitfire flying over for an air show, but the weather did pick up enough for some amazing fireworks! However there was enough alcohol to keep us warm :)
And believe it or not I was home and in bed before midnight... am I getting old or what!

Unfortunately in May me and a group of friends had to say goodbye to a friend of ours who went back to Malaysia after studying here in the UK for a few years. Priscilla is part of our kimono group and the 5 of us normally go out and about in kimono to eat sushi and be stared at by Japanese tourists in London.

So we organized a farewell lunch in Mitsukoshi - the food was amazing, pricy but amazing.
Afterwards we all ended up indulging our sweet tooth in Häagen-Dasz London. It was sad to see Priscilla go but at the same time another member of the Immortal Geisha Forums joined our group here in the UK. Her husband is in the military and is stationed in the UK.
Lyuba is now part of the IG UK team :)

Anyway here is my lunch 'Kitsuke' (Go google it)

I love combining modern with traditional! Sunglasses and kimono. The Obi I'm wearing is light grey with bamboo
embroidery on it, and a very funky looking kimono.

Now that I finally upgraded my Flickr to a pro account the shocking truth and amount of my kimono collection is shown. However I have been good and sold also quite a few items in the past few weeks, just to make room in my drawers - or David will go nuts :) More pictures of the lunch can be found *HERE*.

At work things have been pretty crazy! Been doing a lot of Flash work lately and here are some of my projects:

And I seriously need to update my portfolio site since that has been a bit neglected.
However it is growing really fast and I am doing really cool stuff right now at work - however I'm longing for a proper holiday.
But in about 5 weeks David and me are flying to the land of clogs to celebrate my mums 65th birthday!

Speaking about work the guys in the office see me getting my packages from Japan every now and then - so they all challenged me to come to work in kimono one day. Well don't challenge me since I probably end up doing it :)

So that is pretty much it for now - I'm going to log into World of Warcraft and check out my new present ... a Teldrassil Sproutling. It was a present from David *love*

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