Monday, 5 October 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee....

Yes another year has gone by - and to mark the occasion my sister decided that it would be fun to dress up her pet rabbit Bumper with a festive outfit. I'mnot entirely sure that she is very much approving the choice of her owners sense of humor, but oh well - I enjoyed receiving the picture :)

So my 28th birthday came in unlike last year I had my parents over to actually join the celebartion. I got hopelessly spoiled by them and David a.k.a. 'Bloke'. Gifts ranged from Guitar Hero 5 - which David still regrets giving to me since I have a tendancy to try and 100% a song by playing it 21 times in a row - and a lovely silver necklace and beutiful designer dress from parents.

David also thought the world was ready for me driving so I also got driving lessons, for all those in the Berkshire area, I will warn you when I go out on the roads :) For lunch I was taken to Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Oxford -
I must admit it was the best past I have had for a very long time and if you do happen to eat there try the anti-pasta starter plates, simply amazing!
For dinner we went to my favorite, The Crab at Chieveley - nothing can beat that place when it comes to seafood. I have had an amazing day surrounded with the people I love most - It was all very special.

After a few days off work - it was back again, some really nice things have gone live in the last few days. I love the London Eye Halloween site: - we did the Flash on the mainpage and the site overhaul. I'm very proud with my 'Blinky the Frog' :)
I love making those little Flash animations - Rachel did a very good job on the extra mouse over fog to compliment my area fog.... anyway go check it out!
Lot's of exiting stuff is incoming but more later ......

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