Wednesday, 11 November 2009

It's the season to be Jolly...

Well we're not quite there yet as a Dutchie I'm awaiting the arrival of Sinterklaas, here you go non-Dutchies the Wiki link. As described in the Wiki page Sinterklaas is mainly about chocolate and lots of this commodity. I can tell you one thing ever since I was a little girl nothing is more exciting then getting the first letter of your name in chocolate - of-course during the years you try to be 'special' and swap from milk chocolate to white, but in essence it stays the same chocolaty goodness.

The 5th of december is approaching and I do miss the Sinterklaas decoration in the store windows and occasionally replacing your dinner with perpernoten & speculaas (it's in the wiki) just because you had to miss all those goodies for a whole year. Mind you 3 weeks after Sinterklaas you are still eating pepernoten because you bought a few bags too many....

Anyway my point being is that at this time of year I'm missing the Netherlands the most, Christmas is Christmas but Sinterklaas is something so Dutch only a true Dutchie will starting to get the 'feeling' around this time. So I think for me there is nothing left then watch the arrival of him by steamboat on a internet stream and hope my parents will get this hint and send me some goodies, yes I know subtle.

Besides all of this I am also having fun with my driving lessons. Yes, the lack of proper public transportation here in the UK has driven me to take up driving lessons again. Only this time I think I'm not that bad - my instructor had a few white knuckle moments when I had a bit of a relapse to the Dutch side of the road...I manage on a bike but a car was tricky the first few lessons. However Richard seems to be patient enough with me, which in itself is quite an achievement. So next time you are on the road better check that rear view mirror again, I might be driving behind you :D

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shigatsuhana said...

In my home town, which I told you was Dutch, we had Sinterklaus festival every year! I miss that too. I especially enjoyed having oliebollen. Yum!

I think public transportation is fabulous in this country. Try living in the USA sometime where you only get public transportation if you live in a big city.