Thursday, 26 November 2009

I'm taking the train .....

I'm actually going to the Netherlands and celebrate Sinterklaas there, Im truly looking forward to this - I'm already building up my pepernoten appetite.

Unfortunately 'Bloke' is not coming with me, but I'll be bringing him some nice noms back.

Normally I fly from London heathrow to Amsterdam and then from there I make my way to my parents. But this time I'm actually taking the train to Rotterdam - I haven't done that journey before and I'm actually quite looking forward to this journey. Just chilling and play a bit on my Macbook, read a book, have a snooze I'm sure those 4.5 hours will be by in no time. I only have to wake up in time to transfer trains in Brussels.

Now 4.5 hours might seem very long since the actual flight only takes 45 min, but think about the whole check-in mess at the airport and other things like that. It's a good thing I like trains so much :) So now I'm thinking about what presents I need to bring over for sinterklaas. Only I don't have Sinterklaas gift wrapping paper :(


Walter said...
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Walter said...

Hello there ! Long time no see :)
It's great to see you've settled in.
You can't find pepernoten in London ? I thought they had EVERYTHING there.

Well, have a nice trip back home.

I still have the RAWs of the pictures from JAF at Richmond, if you want them. You can see most of them here in my first post, and in my second post on Richmond