Monday, 30 November 2009

Some pretty stuff I did...

Work for me around this time of year is so busy, all those companies that want to get their site/product ready for Christmas. I actually love this time of year, I'm always busy with nice things and there is never a boring moment.

At the company I work for we have loads of clients that are fun to work with! I always like working on the London Eye - their new brand looks stylish.
Every time there is a special event they do a site 'overhaul' and change the colors and the main Flash. This year I got to do the main flash banner and I went for a magical Christmas feeling.
So here you have it snow falling, lights twinkling - I'm very pleased with this.
My work in action can be seen at


shigatsuhana said...

Very lovely work Chantal! You have much talent my dear!

Walter said...

Very nice work. It must be really gratifying to know so many people are going to see your work.
Thanks for posting :)