Sunday, 17 August 2008

I am sailing!

Friday the 15th was the big day to move all my 'stuff' across to the UK. A friend of mine was up for a free holiday in return he only had to drive. Btw I really need to get my drivers licence... Anyway it all started at 5am. Time to get up and get everything in the rented van. At moments like this you find out that; you got way to much stuff!! Two hours later and all was inside (ofc I forgot a whole bunch). Off to Duinkerken to catch the 2pm ferry to Dover. Smooth trip and no trouble at customs, which I found strange since I figured that they would love to dig through my completely packed van, just to annoy the hell out of me. Customs at Schiphol seem to like me enough to do that, every single friggin time! But no, French customs rules! Ferry ride went well and 1hr 45min later we arrived in Dover. Ah, UK customs oh damn...but they rule too! 

And off we went to Berkshire country. Got a call from David to inform us we got some delayes on the M25, cause of some guy dressed at Batman was delaying traffic. Lol, turned out to be a protest for the right of fathers to see kids more after a divorce. Fortunately we arrived at Davids place in one piece, not thanks to me since I had a blackout in my sense of direction driving down a way I knew for 1.5 years :)

After a break we drove to my apartment and reached for that last bit of strenght and hauled the 34 boxes and other bits up the stairs into my apartment. Sorry David that I made you help :)
But finally everything is in my place and sorted, well now I got to start the unpacking business.
After spending the Saturday unpacking most of my stuff, remind you clearing 10 boxes was a lot of work.
My bedroom has a made bed and a wardrobe filled with clothing, kitchen has my pots and pans. 
Bathroom is clean and has a relaxed feeling to it....and I'm not going to talk about the lounge cause that place is filled with boxes :D

Anyway Sunday can and it was time for me and Patrick to return to the Netherlands... sad to leave, but will be back in 4 days. But on the boat my suffering was eased with Magners and a Curry .. mmmmm jummie!!!

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