Friday, 17 October 2008

The 'Oh damn I forgot to update in a while' - Post

Hello my faithful readers.....all 5 of you! Yes indeed it has been a while since I last updated, I can provide you with a number of reasons why but in the end I might just have been a bit lazy *shock*

So just to spoil you all I have a long post with lots of pictures and stories. This summer the 22nd of August one week after I move my Dutch butt to the UK David and I went to Reading Festival to enjoy some music like Rage against the Machine and Metallica! We had tickets for Friday and Sunday, cause Saturday's lineup simple sucked. It has been a while since I last went to a festival and I forgot how you seem to not notice the smell of sweat, stale beer and urine after a while and just enjoy the music & company. The weather was absolutely stunning so there was the need to keep well 'hydrated' :) It was good fun and we needed the monday to recover... am I getting old?

We also had a lovely break in the New Forrest I'll upload the pictures on my Flickr some day :) An amazing hotel and beautiful surroundings, really a nice mini-vacation.

September came very fast and before I knew it I was starting on my first day, and what a day it was! I fully enjoyed it and now after nearly 2 months I feel very much at home and don't mind to run the extra mile to get a project done. 
Everybody is so passionate about what do, it is very stimulating to work in! I really have missed that passion at previous places I worked. There it was just work here it is a philosophy. A quick peek of the place I work.

David had some fun news a fancy dress party! I have been waiting forever to get a good opportunity to wear my recently acquired Furisode, if you don't know what I'm talking about: kimono for unmarried women. It is a beauty but I was fearing the time it would take me to put it on. In the end 1.5 hours is not
too bad to look 'Iki' (go Google it). David decided he would go as something 'odd' and came up with a very cool outfit! There is a very handsome guy underneath that mask - serious!

So what did I do for exciting things today well every 2 weeks some from the design team has to do something creative and fun, today was my turn and I felt that I wanted to go back to my youth, only one thing is good enough for that: CLAY!!
Yes it was clay figurines madness, everyone was busy with creating weird stuff and hopefully we will make a stop motion animation out of it to have some fun! More on my Flickr account (see left) The black one is mine ^^ 

Well that will be the last pictures of this update more to be following soon, things are going well here in the UK, but I miss 'Pepernoten' around this time of the year in the supermarkets :( 

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