Sunday, 10 August 2008

Just add water...

Well in a few days time I will be moving all my stuff to the UK, finally! All the boxes in my house are getting to me, and my eating habits haven't really improved since all my plates and cutlery have been packed away. The key to may new place have been picked up on the 08.08.2008 by my lovely David. Great help and support with a lot of things, including getting my BT connection sorted. 
It is amazing how much hassle you have to go through to get a simple phone line connected. Now I can understand BT wants some money in advance, since I have no credit rating in the UK whatsoever. But when you want to pay that £50 by your own Visa card... not a chance! You can pay with your Visa in the smallest mountain village in Tibet but not a chance you can pay BT with it. So David if you are reading this....thank you :)

Anyway I have also started my final week of World of Warcraft *shock* My computer will be moved as well and I don't have internet at my new place yet so I will not be online for a while. I'm wondering if my guild will live through it all. It is summer and general the raiding is not so good then.

I have sold all my furniture, I don't even have a fridge to store milk for my beloved morning dose of Brinta, Google or Wiki it if you don't know what it is.  I must admit that doing my shopping this weekend has never been easier, hence the picture of the pot nooddle.... just add water ^^ 

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